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Bastard Child V1.0

By: Gary L. Simmons
the Battle Cat

Who you callin' a punk??

Hey some babies are bastards, don't blame me, they are bad seeds is all. Anyway this map is called Bastard Child because it is a spin off of Hell Hole. It was an experiment that I was going to leave in the dumpster but thought better of it when I considered those poor little dumpster rats. Instead I left it over night on a doorstep but when I drove by the next morning the little bastard was still there only he had a big footprint on his chest. Relenting, I decided that this experimental map was good enough to keep although it was not exactly what I wanted Hell Hole to be. It's advantage is that it is faster than version 1.3 and 1.4 and it was originally released with those maps. Here it is   again for your enjoyment. By the way, I was so pathetic at map making when this was produced that I accidentally merged another completely unrelated map into it that will only smear the phosphorus off your monitor. Just remember it is supposed to be a one level only map so just push the "New Game" button after you have selected it in the preferences just like you would normally start a game. If you "warp" you smear. Sorry for the confusion but it was originally released as "Filmware" meaning you sent me a film of you playing it as payment. If I were to change it now the old films would no longer work with it. So you see, I am stuck.

Version 1.0 (25K)
Skully is getting dizzy
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