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Hell Hole V1.4

By: Gary L. Simmons
the Battle Cat

a slimy puke-spit of a map dangling from the corner of your minds mouth


OK I give up. I'm going to embarrass myself and annoy you with version 1.4. I know I promised when I released version 1.5 that I wouldn't do this but I've changed my mind. The history of Hell Hole cannot be complete without this segment being available to the public.

Hell Hole v1.4 is the start of what was to become the modern version of Hell Hole v1.5 and on it's own, has some interesting improvements over prior versions as well as some some terrible flaws that were finally worked out of the map in version 1.5. One of the most interesting things brought to you in 1.4 is the extremely cool films. These films are available to you as part of the download. Featured is Marathon's most famous vidmaster, Jimmy Mitchel aka Placid Platypus who give 1.4 a run for it's money. Also featured are some very cool and fun inspiring films by Carl Lineberry, Thom Holmberg, and Chip Aaron. This collection of films alone is worth the download!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the unclean weirdos, misfits and grit eating pencil-necked geeks who beta tested my solo-net map. This being: Carl Lineberry, Thom Holmberg, and Chip Aaron. They are all gravy sucking pigs, may they roast in Hell! Also kudos to Jimmy Mitchel aka: the Placid Platypus for his sloppy, organ donating, disemboweling film O' death


and destruction. You guys are really sick, twisted people. A round of throat punches for everyone.

1.4 was a dog for several reasons. Most annoying was that the map was too sprite intensive meaning that sometimes monsters you were fighting would blink out of sight in mid carnage. They would still be there and still be fighting back but you could not see them. Just as vexing was the sticky polys, they would snag your shoulders and shake you snotless as you tried to run past them. A really great way to get yourself killed by a monster or a net player. However there were many good things to say about it. I had a really good handle on the map editor by this time.

Mainly I was responding to the critique "Hell Hole V1.3" received in Frost's "Marathon I-Zine" review, I have fixed some things that I readily admit should have been in the original release. In order to practice properly, one needs to sharpen the "aiming up and down" skills. There are now 4 mounds that are .9 WUs high. I have also added shading to show the sun shining down at an angle onto the playing field. In addition to these recommended changes, I have made it playable as a net game as "Multiplayer Carnage" and "King of the Hill" with a sniper ledge overlooking the hill accessible via the Mosh Pit. Yet it still blows for the reasons stated so on to version 1.5.

Version 1.4 (156K)

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