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Hell Hole Contest

The release of "Hell Hole V1.5" marks a triumphant return to Hell Hole's original vision: the idea of launching a monster's smoking guts over a low wall. This calls for a celebration, which the Battle Cat must carry out in the only manner its dull, feral mind can comprehend: ruthless carnage, blood-letting and mayhem. Releasing all the stops I offered these amazing top quality prizes because I was determined to attract the talents of the best and the brightest in the Marathon community.

Grand Prize: 5 bucks!
First Prize: Pen and pencil set from my dentist
Second Prize: Carl's Jr. "Scared Guy" cup lid and sticker
Third Prize: Jujube I found in my pocket in the hamper

The Rules:

  1. Player must knock a monster, BOB or drone over the wall into the Blood Trough. Said knockage must be in plain sight. Seeing them plainly plastered long enough against the outside wall is acceptable. What the Battle Cat considers "plainly" is not to be contested. Just make sure you follow the body long enough to be sure I see it is landing inside the Blood Trough. (Following your shot through is part of the difficulty of the contest. The monster does not have to be dead on arrival, but if you have any class you will kill it as soon as possible.)
  2. Player must ride at least once in an activated water cannon.
  3. Only Total Carnage films will be eligible - no custom physics allowed, no net films (you can only die ONCE!).
  4. The player's own body counts only when it arrives in the blood trough dead - one point. Knock a monster over the wall while it is standing on ground level: 1 point. Knock a monster over the wall while it is standing on a hill: 2 points.
  5. There is a seven-minute time limit (*7*) to your film. Any bodies launched over the wall past the time limit will not count. Feel free to set your timer to 10 seconds shy and suicide over the wall. The Battle Cat will use a digital timer, started when the film first appears on his CRT.
  6. There is no... rule six!
  7. The Battle Cat has the final say and is the ultimate authority on the count. So there.

The contest ended August 1, 1999 and these winners walked away with the prizes:

Grand Prize Erkki Toukolehto The film
First Prize Muhsin Miski The film
Second Prize Pfhor Lover The film
Third Prize Michael Watson The film

Hell Hole

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