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Marathon Skelpin'


"Now what??" you ask. Well, "Skelpin'", I reply with a carefully held straight face. Your heart sinks when you see that look on my face, but to be polite you respond, "What is skelpin'?" Welllllll... The Irish have a name for it for when you occupy the same space as a ghost, they call it skelpin'. Typically this happens when you walk through a spot a ghost is standing. You can either skelp a ghost or it can skelp you. "So...", you say (estimating the distance between you and the door), "what's this got to do with Marathon?". Ah, I thought you would never ask. "LOTS!", I shout accidentally inflating a large snot bubble out one nostril and snorking it back in. "Lots and lots and lots and lots!" You try to not look at the snot bubble as it tries to reinflate with every "lots" but you seem fixated on it. You wish you hadn't had such a big breakfast. Next time, you swear, the bacon will be cooked until crisp and then properly drained.

Skelping in Marathon is when you run through the airborne remains of an enemy you just vanquished. If there were no sin in the world and this were paradise, then even the stones would cry out, "Humiliation!" like in Quake III when you kill someone with the gauntlet. At first this was just an idle pastime for me, but NOW it is still like an idle pastime but give me time it will be a major idle pastime and I will become


just as fanatic about this as I am with the rest of the Marathon universe. I think it is very cool to make it a point to skelp the mortal coil of the dearly departed. They can SEE you as you skelp them and they are helpless to do anything but watch you scamper, giggling, through their floating protoplasmic essence as it traverses the ether looking for its eternal peace!

I have included some examples of Skelping, should anyone care to send me their own death dealing Films O' Skelpin' then I will put them on this page. When you send me the film please include a readme that tells me what map (and external physics model) were used to create it and it's URL. I do not have the room on this page to hold your maps or PMs, just your films. If the map is not online then you should share your map with the Marathon Community by submitting it to The Archives at by attaching it to an email, you will have a much bigger audiance for your maps that way too. The ability to create films is one of the unique and major strengths of Marathon, and a contributor to the fun factor of this game. Share your films. If you are not playing in a network game, remember to keep hitting your control and firing keys for 7 seconds after you die or the film will not record your sad and ::smirk:: untimely death.

Skully says you can't handle the truth
Skelpin' Is Born
This is the first film I can recall ever intentionally skelping. I realized at the time I was onto something so I saved the film. You need this map to view the film (8K). Film by Gary Simmons.
Skully thinks you are too young to see this film
Helter Skelper
Ox Snard is a great level to skelp in. The high ledges and near wall make it perfect for launching victims right at you. Just plant a SPNKR on the wall behind them. You need this map to view the film (8K) Film by Gary Simmons.

Skully says you are a pussy

Have Another Skelping
Ox Snard, told ya it was a good place to skelp. I get a BOB to do his final "Blood Splop" in the space I am standing, it is one of the first skelps. Also of note is one skelp where I am looking BOB right in his dead staring eye as I do the dirty deed on him. You need this map to view the film (8K) Film by Gary Simmons.

Skully says you are a pussy

Barrett Ford Skelps!

I got this message and film in my email a few days ago:

This came as an absolute shock. It's an omen, I tell you! I had just read your skelping description a week before, and BLAM, there it was.

Time: Last 5 Seconds
Place: Route 66
Physics: Standard

You need the Marathon Infinity files to view the film. (35.58MB) Film by Megaman

Skully double dares you!
Your Film Here!

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