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The Battle Cat's Litterbox

what on which stuff can float is a puddle. Grendel doesn't like water, he remembers his one and only bath with no small terror. Grendel hates puddles. Even so, he will explain some of the finer points. First we might simply talk about how nice puddles look and how the soothing sounds of lapping waves can calm an anxious mind. If you don't want to listen to Grendel right now, but like the sound of lapping water, [go away]. (Note: The link "Go away" is now dead, for the sake of archiving the information the link was


Force Fields, the art of Media manipulations. [Jul. 7th]

Water Pooter, Mr.Hydro Cannon., taking media to the extreme. [Aug. 15th]

Others (but not ready yet)

What Makes An Ocean Wave Wave?


Laevah, Timing, and Its Consequences, a burning nasty problem on Venice.

Goo, the lost media (thank Bob).

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