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Obed is the Windows PC editor for Marathon 2: Durandal and was created created by Steven Schuleter. In order to run Obed you must have: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, or NT and of course, Marathon 2 for the PC.

These pages are devoted to the care and feeding of not only Obed, but all of the Windows Marathon items to be found in this web site. There is not a lot of Marathon for the PC around so getting any information on it is like pulling teeth with red-hot rusty pliers.. It ain't gonna happen unless you have a pool of masochists to draw from. Well, fortunately for you, we do.


Below are the links to various M2 PC sites and resources including those here at the Battle Cat's Litterbox. If you have any information that you can add to this body of knowledge then please by all means send me an email and let me know what you have. You do not have to know HTML or even have a full page of stuff to share. Any little piece of the puzzle you can add will help others on their journey into creating new maps for PC Marathon players.

Have fun, fight nice and the last man standing probably cheated.

Click on one of these links to become one with the Obed

Obed Download Website

Official Obed download website. You can find the latest downloads for Obed and it's related utilities.
Download Obed v1.3
  • easy-to-use CAD-like interface for creating your own maps for Marathon 2
  • create multi-level scenarios, custom terminals, images, and more!
  • version 1.3 improvements:
    • better AlephOne compatibility
    • interface and settings update
Download M2Shaper v1.3
  • easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop interface for changing the textures and landscapes in the PC-version of Marathon 2.
  • allows you to load textures from the original Marathon 2 shapes file and save them as bitmaps that you can use in your favorite drawing program!
  • version 1.3 has improved color-matching for your imported images!
Obed's Author
Visit the home page of Steven Schuleter, the author of Obed. (Be advised Steven's site is unavailable)
Orbital Arm
Visit Orbital Arm at for the latest news in the world of Marathon for Windows. Orbital arm has lots of downloads of new and converted Maps, map making utilities and forums for you to ask questions or strut your stuff.
10/5 Mapmakers Group
One of the premier Obed map making groups. There are lots of Windows Marathon goodies here to download. (the link to is now dead as a flechette fed F'licta)
Obed FAQs
This is a must read from the 10/5 Mapmakers Group. These are the FAQs that will answer many of your questions before you pester others with your endless nattering. (the link to http: is now as dead as a Lh'owen Lutefisk)
Adam's Garden of Obed
Adam Steir is an old time Mac Marathoner who finds himself on a PC but still yearning to create maps and kick a little Pfhor hinney. Adam shares his journey into PC Marathon with the eye of a beginner but the heart of a warrior and the knowledge of a savvy PC user.
Marathon (on Windows) For Dummies
Joshua Bell weighs in on using the Marathon files from the Mac Action Sack with Aleph One for Windows. This is a pretty complete accounting of how to go about setting up Aleph One but Joshua does not want to take much credit, in fact he won't divulge his email address for questions. Just sacrifice a poly to the polygon gods in his name, that will be reward enough for him.
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