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The Battle Cat's Litterbox

We all remember well the day that Master created ACME station. It was hot and early in the morning. A five minute stop at his desk to check email became an eight hour frenzy ending with about a hundred textured polygons, most of which had to be scrapped later. Master was most displeased, and yet his vision did not fade. He would walk about muttering about views and polygons, heights and lighting. Eventually, he sat back at this computer and finished ACME Station. Now he orders me to tell to all about how he did it.

Sometimes Master makes me sooooo angry.

Acme station is a nice departure architecturally from most of the other maps in the Marathon series.


Using complex lightcasting, narrow polygons and extremely long and complex views, it gives the impression of being aboard an errector set in space.

Grendel spent some time explaining exactly how most of ACME was done.

First, Grendel will busy himself with the really cool (Hastur never really liked them) doors.

Then, he'll doze while toolator writes about some of the cool lighting effects, and how they were done.

Finally, he'll point our some of the subtle ways that Master made really long views without breaking any rules.



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