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The Battle Cat's Litterbox

is a general heading for techniques which improve the playability and realism of our maps. Here I'll discuss some of my master's tips on lighting, differential shading, texturing, constructing views, and advanced tips for special Marathon map effects.


Split Polys and you. Why these things are great, and why you should get to know them! [Jul. 23rd] Also now, Light and Shadow casting enhancements using the Split Poly technique. [Jul. 31st]

Dual Texture Trick. Grendel speaks on a secret texture technique. [Jun. 26th]

Past tips

Differential Shading on Poor Yorick.

Ever been stuck on a Russian space station with no way down?
Grendel talks to himself about Acme Station

Grendel might or might not have been involved with Acme, but you can learn about it anyway. Check out a wicked cool lighting trick, some amazing feats of view juggling, or a retracting door.

Making a netmap? Check out the Making A Good Netmap page. It has a list of Do's and Don'ts, as well as an explanation of how the item parameters work. [Dec. 11th]

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