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The Battle Cat's Litterbox

things just don't work. This section is devoted to helping everyone fix their busted things, except for Grendel's fingers. We'll explain some common problems that we've experienced, and answer questions from anyone who knows the pain of a busted map.

If you have questions or if you can think of anything else that you want to see in Hastur's Workshop, mail your comments to Grendel,

Question and Answer Page

A problem with sound sources on Sporkt.

5-D space problems. Wouldn't Escher be proud? This one is called in by Aaron, he's been giving Grendel headaches with all his 5-D maps.[Dec. 18th]

Type 11 Errors when converting maps from Pfhorte. The word from the man.

Other Pages that Pertain to Busted stuff

Walls that make you jiggle. These things get annoying if you don't know how to fix them. This section explains a quick way to fix them. [Jul. 23rd]

Distance errors from seemingly safe view distances? Grendel covers a rule of thumb for those. [Jun. 26th]

Another potential cause of Type 11 errors described by way of Acme Station.

Still having trouble?

Check out the Forge Faq. It has some good answers to questions, including a good explanation of how to write terminal texts.



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