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Aleph One Editors and Utilities

If you need or know of a Aleph One editor or utility that is not hosted here, then please let me know and I'll find it and host it for you.

Aleph One Test Maps Presented to the community as a "whole", this is a set of test maps that really push the Aleph One engine, sometimes beyond the borders of reason, but all for a good cause. Excellent way to see just what Aleph One is capable of. Nice information to have, both as player and mapmaker.
AlephOne Japanese kit This archive is packed the MML script when using a Japanese Map by AlephOne, and the resource which puts application of AlephOne into Japanese.
Bovine Otherwise known as Marathon 1-2-3 Converter, this tool will convert M1 data files (maps, shapes, sounds, you name it) to Aleph One format. It's more than just a simple translator - when you tranlsate a map, you also get the MML files needed to make it work as the original. Source is included.
Evil/TI Addons for Aleph One ResEdit files containing resources to turn Aleph One into a functional engine for Evil and Tempus Irae. Simply open a fresh copy of Aleph One, paste in the resources for the game you want to play, and drop the resultant file into your Evil or TI folder.
Forge A1 Patch (v1.0) Modifies Forge to save maps as Aleph One maps rather tha Marathon Infinity maps.
Fuxource (v1.01) A tool for migrating changes made with Fux! back to the source code. Now your customized M2 or Infinity conversion can benefit easily from the advances in the Open Source builds! v1.0.1 fixes a small typo (that messed up the physics tables), adds the SMG shell casing, and moved all name lists to STR# resources.
Inf - > Aleph Converter (v1.3) A tiny applescript app that does one thing (and does it right) - it converts any Marathon file to Aleph One format (maps, shapes, sounds, Infinity files, Evil files, almost anything goes). Far more convenient than ResEdit. v1.2 adds folder/disc drag-n-drop and compatibility with all 3rd party scenarios. v1.3 now converts entire folders, instead of just one level deep.
M1A1 Forge Patch (v1.0) A patch for Forge 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 (A1 patched also works) that modifies them to use M1A1 monster types, scenery types, etc.
M1A1 Map Making Kit (1.0) A Shapes Shuttle that allows editing M1A1 maps in Forge. Example maps and the M1A1 Physics model are included.
M1A1 Net Patch (v1.0) Converts a copy of Marathon Infinity for use with M1A1 on a network.
M2 Shapes Shuttle for Aleph One A shapes shuttle that contains M2 wall textures (and M2 landscapes); install this into a spare Shapes file, and you can play M2 maps in Aleph One with their original textures. Very simple... very useful. (Scenery is not included... but this shouldn't be a huge deal.)
Pfhorge 0.95 and Manual Joshua D. Orr's prized Marathon map editor and it's manual written by Sean Shaw. If you are a mapper, you should have this collection in your tool belt.

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