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Marathon 1 Editors and Utilities

If you need or know of a Marathon 1 editor or utility that is not hosted here, then please let me know and I'll find it and host it for you.

LiteEdit LiteEdit is a simple little program that allows you to edit the lights used in a Marathon level. It also allows you to print a light sheet with info about all the lights on a level. This is (to me) a very useful thing to have lying around when you are making a level.
Physics Model Editor v1.1 The name says it all. Edit the embedded physics model of Marathon 2. Make your AR fire with pinpoint accuracy. Shoot Wasp poo out your fusion gun. The possibilities are endless.
Marathon Sight Patch v1.1 This patch creates "Software" sights for most weapons, intended to replace the ugly "Hardware" sights (stickers) on the average Marathon Player Monitor.
Marathon Sound Transporter Marathon Sound Transporter lets you make small, self-running sound installer programs for Marathon. Every other aspect of Marathon (physics models, maps, shapes) is customizable via various programs. This program does the same for sounds. No longer will you have to include excruciating descriptions of how to use ResEdit to install 'snd ' resources. No more distributing a several megabyte sound file (and probably violating several copyright laws) which only includes a couple of cool new ones.
Marathon Interactive Augmentor v10b19 An early, crude and somewhat rudimentary map editor that is also very cool and effective. I've used this one a few times. Very handy, especially if you want to know what song is playing or want to reassign it. (tBC)
Marathon Shapes Editor v1.2 This cool program lets you completely alter the shapes file in Marathon.
Marathon Shape Installer 2.0b1 This program allows you to view and change the shapes used by Marathon.
Multi Movie Music Maker v0.5 Merge multiple QuickTime 2.0 music movie into one. Why? At this time there is only one reason. Make 'Music' file for a Marathon Demo! Just drop a bunch of music movies onto the icon. Then use ResEdit (or similar utility) to change type/creator of the resulted movie file to type = 'msik', creator = '26.2'.
OPE v1.4 Have you played Marathon over the network enough times that you're sick of seeing the same aliens repeatedly? This program allows you to change:
-how many aliens/objects of each type are initially present on a level
-how many aliens/objects of each type are present during play
-whether aliens/objects are placed randomly or in specific locations
-how often aliens are replenished
Pfhorte_1.0d25 Pfhorte, a FREEware Marathon Map Editor written by Steve Israelson. You can create maps from scratch or you can edit existing ones. You can still expect Marathon to crash sometimes, but this should not happen often. It should be compatible with Mia.
Pfhorte.PPC.libs Pfhorte PowerPC system extensions needed to run Pfhorte. If you have a more recent version of these extensions, don't bother. Most likely, unless you were frozen in ice, your system will invariably have the extensions needed. If not... here they are. If you are having problems with Pfhorte, install these in a custom extension set. Pfhore runs comfortably in OSX Classic.
Pfhred 1.3.1 Pfhred has been created to edit the contents of a Marathon Shapes File.
Rather useful for those times when just modifying a physics model isn't enough to bring your worst fears to life, now you can add them yourself!
PfUGv2.2 Pfhorte users guide.
Phorte Handbook v1.3 The Pfhorte handbook is your guide to Marathon map editing in general, and Pfhorte, the way-cool map editor by Steve Israelson, specifically. Don't be intimidated anymore by the wealth of options that Pfhorte offers you! The handbook is a comprehensive guide to everything you want to know about map editing! Please note that this version does not cover Pfhorte 2.0 And does not contain any specific information on editing Marathon 2 maps. The Pfhorte handbook 1.3 Covers only version 1.0d25 of Pfhorte!
Scalpel Scalpel painlessly excises zero-length lines from Pfhorte-generated maps.
Term Installer 2 Term Installer 2 installs and de-installs the following:
  • 'term' resources from Marathon [terminal text]
  • 'film' resources from Marathon [demo film]
  • 'STR#' resources from Marathon [Weapon names, and other strings]
  • 'PICT' resources from Marathon [splash screens, credits and main interface]
  • 'PICT' resources from Shapes [chapter screens]
  • '.256' resources from Shapes [textures, sprites and other graphics]
  • 'clut' resources from Shapes [CLUTs for the shapes; installed with the shapes]
  • 'snd ' resources from Sounds [sounds]

Term Installer 2 will also remove all of the above when the user is done, restoring the files to their original state.

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