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EVIL Editors and Utilities

If you need or know of an EVIL editor or utility that is not hosted here, then please let me know and I'll find it and host it for you.

Map Filetype Changer (v1.0) This is a file type changer for use with Evil. It will fix all filetypes of maps that you drop onto it. This is so Evil will recognize your new Evil map creation.
Forge101 -> EvilForge102 (v1.0) • New creator type so that maps saved with Forge for EVIL, have the right icon!
• New strings for weapons, monsters, scenery, and sounds, so that they correspond to the new EVIL environment.
• Changed the CICN resources so that they items represent the new EVIL items
• and more...
Forge102 -> EvilForge102 (v1.0) This patcher is for folks whose Infinity CD has Forge 1.0.2 on it. The older Infinity CDs have version 1.0.1 on them, so be sure to check which version you have first.
Forge104 -> EvilForge104 (v1.0) This version of the patcher has hardly been tested at all. The EVIL Group used Forge for EVIL 1.02, so that is very sturdy, but due to popular demand I whipped this patcher up real quick, leaving out some of the time consuming v1.02 bells and whistles.
Evil: Cursed-Data (v1.0) This is the Data file for use with EVIL. This should go into the base folder where the EVIL Application resides. Otherwise EVIL will not recognize or use this. Also do not rename it.
Evil: Cursed-Images (v1.0) This is the Official Images file for use with EVIL. Just make sure this file gets put in with the EVIL Application, and it will be all set. Do not rename it, or EVIL will not find it.
Evil: Cursed-Physics (v1.0) These are the Main Physics files for use with EVIL. They make the shapes work, and you need these if you plan on using a third party map that does not have physics merged into them.
Evil: Cursed-Shapes (v1.0) This is the Official Shapes file for use with EVIL. To run, just double-click and select an Original Marathon Infinity Shapes file. It will do the rest.
Evil: Cursed-Sounds (v1.0) This is the Official Sounds file for use with EVIL. To run, just double-click and select an Original Marathon Infinity Sounds file. It will do the rest.

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