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Marathon Infinity Editors and Utilities

Man, Infinity has more editors and utilities than Imelda has shoes. Hat's off to the Marathon community for taking the reins into their own hands and creating the utilities we needed to do the job. If you need one that is not here, let me know and I'll find it and host it for you.

Anvil 1.0.3b4 backdater Backdates Anvil 1.0.3 to the last really stable, bugfree (mostly bugfree) version available. This one has all the enhancements that they wanted to put into 1.0.3, without the really nasty sequence bug that 1.0.3 has.
Anvil Patcher (1.0.3) Again, an update. I am not for sure what this fixes. If you know, tell me and I'll post it here.
Arbitrary Map Points With this download you get two programs. Add Arbitrary Map Points and Create Spiral Staircase. The AMP utility will add arbitrary points to a unmerged Marathon 2 map, and, Infinity map. It is highly recommended that you read the readme before using the utility. Doing so, should help tremendously. A pretty neat little utility!
Chisel (2.0.3) A great utility that allows you to draw circles and ovals easily on your map, it removes any unused lights, media and sound and, it now allows third party effects with the permission from the author. It still is able to move the entire level along the x, y and z axis. Update adds the effects folders.More info is available from his web page.
Chisel 2.1.6 Mike Trinder has taken over development of this really cool tool from Bach, and has released a cleaned-up version with a bunch of bug fixes. This is just the core program-if you want other cool effects, look for them separately. (Try searching for Mike's stuff, or for Chisel stuff.) Also available is an effects programming kit (updated!), for use with either Codewarrior or Think Pascal, for those who want to roll their own. Latest update allows Chisel to be used easily with 3rd-party scenarios (like Evil and Tempus Irae).
Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced Chisel makes you wonder what you can't do with Marathon maps. For anyone doing serious scenario work... if you're not using Chisel, you're wasting your time. This package is for folks who haven't used Chisel yet... or haven't updated their versions in a while. You can always grab just the Chisel app, if you're up-to-date with plugins... or go visit Mike's Chisel World, and see what he has to say. (Of course, all of Mike's Chisel-related stuff is available here, as well.) PLATformer 1.0 is included in this package. Latest release includes new versions of Wot Dat Tag Do Den and Texture Munger. The 2.1.6 update does one thing only - it enables Chisel (again) on 68k Macs. You DO NOT NEED this if you have a PowerPC Mac and have v2.1.5. (If you don't have Chisel, getting this version won't hurt... you simply don't need to UPDATE to it if you have a Mac that was built after 1994.)
Chisel Effects Kit (2.1.1) Effects programming kit for use with either Codewarrior or Think Pascal, for those who want to roll their own. Not reccomended for the faint of heart.
Chisel: Ambience (v1.0) A very cool chisel plugin that extends the number of ambient sounds available in Marathon from 24 to 172.
Chisel: Annotator (v1.0) Annotator is a Chisel plugin that allows you much greater leeway with where annotations show up. You can make them appear in unexplored areas, you can make them appear only after certain areas are explored... and to a limited degree, you can play with font color and size. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
Chisel: Better Cleanup (v1.0.1) Distributed with previous versions of Chisel is an effect called 'Cleanup.' This effect has at least one bug at the time of writing: whilst it removes the correct number of lights from the map, the lights left behind are not the correct ones, merely the first lights in the map. This means that it only works correctly if the last lights in the map are removed. Enter 'Better Cleanup' which fixes the bug, and adds two new features:)
Chisel: Better Move (v2.2) Better Move is a core Chisel plugin that allows you to actually move the entire map on the Forge grid. This is really useful when you run out of room on one side... Version 2.2 actually works on maps with annotations, unlike previous versions. It also adds several cool features, like the ability to move platforms, and the ability to run it more than once on a single map. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package, and is part of the standard Chisel 2.1.6 package if you downloaded after December 6, 1999.
Chisel: Face Objects (v1.0.1) An update to a chisel plugin that allows you to specify facing direction for scenery objects.
Chisel: Fix Alien Ammo (v1.1) A chisel plugin that does one thing-it allows you to set how many alien ammo objects appear on a level. (Forge ignores these even if you place 'em... but this way, you can have a non-expiring alien weapon.)
Chisel: Media Munger (v1.0) Media Munger is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can remap the media in any Marathon 2 or Infinity map to any of the types available.
Chisel: Merge (v1.1) Merge is a Chisel plugin that lets you combine two marathon maps. This means you can actually work on complicated but repeated sections separately, and merge them in where you need them. (Good uses are airlocks, signature term areas, and anything else you can come up with.) This version fixes several bugs, and should now be quite useable. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
Chisel: Monster Converter (v1.0) Monster Converter is a Chisel plugin that lets you avoid an unpleasant quirk in Forge. When M1 maps are converted to M2 or Infinity maps, Forge ignores the fact that the monster order changed... so you have to go through your maps and click every single one to convert it. (Or you have to nuke the map.) Monster Converter fixes this. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
Chisel: PLATformer (v1.0) PLATformer is a Chisel plugin that lets you perform some previously impossible feats with platforms. Demo maps are included. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
Chisel: Polygon Converter (v1.0) Polygon Converter is a Chisel plugin that allows much more logical remapping of M1 to M2 or Infinity polygon types. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
Chisel: Poseidon (v1.1) Poseidon is a Chisel plugin that lets you flip a marathon map (M2 or Infinity) around the X, Y, or Z axes. Pretty slick, actually. Version 1.1 fixes a number of small bugs. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
Chisel: Stretch (v3.0) START Stretch is a cool Chisel plugin that allows you to stretch or mirror textures on walls. 3.0 is a pretty major upgrade that allows alterations of lines (on the automap), so that platforms can be hidden, and various other visual tricks can be performed. Well worth the download if you're building cool maps.
Chisel: Texture Munger (v1.0.2) This is one of the slicker chisel plugins out there... but it's pretty hard to get your mind around it. It lets you use two texture sets on a single level (by mapping the textures to their appropriate origins), or it lets you convert a level from one texture set to another painlessly. (Okay, nearly painlessly.) It's astounding. And it works. Play with it.
Chisel: Wot dat tag do den? (1.2.1) An update to an amazingly useful Chisel plugin. This allows you to see what tags are activated by which switches or chips, and what the resultant action is. 1.1 fixes the effect to work on merged maps as well as unmerged. 1.1.1 allows the overwriting of an exising Tag report. (If you've updated the tags, you certainly don't need the old report, do you?) Use this when new people join projects (to see what's already been done), use this when coming back to old maps you don't have notes for (you do keep notes, don't you?), use this as a last resort when playing scenarios that you can't find.
Chisel: Write Rotator (v1.0a2) Write Rotator File is an effect for use with Chisel 2.0 or later that can output any Marathon 2 or Infinity map in the format used by the Freeware program Rotator. This allows you to view any map as a three dimensional wire frame model, somewhat similar to the map used by Descent. It was written to produce a few terminal images and animations quickly, but mostly for the fun of it.
Cinemascope (v1.0) Cinemascope is a useful application that can fool Marathon 2 and Infinity into displaying terminal pictures that are twice the normal width. Cinemascope mucks about with your pictures to allow you to use and display images that are 614 by 266 pixels, giving you an image that goes right across the terminal.
Custom Set Remover (v1.0.1) The Custom Set Remover does one thing. (It removes custom sets. Duh.) Several collections (landscapes and weapons) have normal sets, and custom sets. (These generally allow for more color flexibility.) If you don't need them, or don't want to update two sets (and aren't planning to add your own custom sets), you can use this simple drag-n-drop tool to remove them from your shapes file.
Destroy Singularity (v1.0) Another cool Chisel plugin - if you've created a map in Forge which has too many lines connected to a point, you'll find you can't delete the point without crashing Forge. If you don't have an older backup... you're in big trouble. This plugin gets you out of it.
Durandal Terminal Browser (1.4.3) A small app that allows you to browse all the terminals of Marathon 2 and Infinity-text, pictures, everything. Find the terms you missed the first time through. Read the messages you would have seen if you had gone back later... see Bungie's secret M2 term without swimming in lava. Latest update adds support for tag sections.
Forge 1.0.4 Updater (1.0.4) An updater to bring Forge up to v1.0.4. This is the latest, and last release of forge by Bungie Software. It is claimed as the best version of them all, however some would argue that. Make your own decisions.
Forge Patcher (1.0.3b) This is an update of the Forge map editor from Bungie. This should fix some problems with the run time errors.
Forge/Anvil Patchers (1.0.3) This is the editor updates released by Bungie. Although Anvil will still give you problems when patching files, the sounds portion of this file has been fixed now. You will still have problems with shape files, unless there is a fix that I am not aware of. Anvil 1.0.2 is still posted for those that have files or download files that were made with this version. As of this date I have had problems opening files created with the 1.0.2.
Forge/Anvil Patchers (v1.0.2) This is Bungies update to their great editors, Forge and Anvil. The Anvil updater adds a import and export feature that is great. If you are using Anvil to add palettes or the like-I strongly suggest you use this version. For sounds, use the 1.0.3 version.
Fux! (1.0.2) Are you making a scenario, and frustrated by the limitations of the Marathon Engine? Wish you could, say, enable your new weapon (which you've replaced the AR-75 with) on vacuum levels? Want to change the color shift under media? Fux! is your tool! It allows you around some of the hard-coded stuff in the Infinity application itself. (Also works with M2.) Warning-you can really screw up and crash beautifully with this program... be careful! In Bo's words, "If you don't get everything exactly right, you're fuxed."
Hex (1.0.4) While Forge has a great visual mode, (one of it's strongest attributes) it still lacks a lot for creating and editing terminals. This version works with Infinity and fixes a few bugs with the earlier version... This update includes a requested manual. It also allows you to veiw picts from within Hex!! Latest update adds support for the recently discovered tag activation option in terms.
Infinity 1.5 updater (1.5) This is the latest update for the Infinity engine. This update includes the ability to use sprockets for various add-ons. Also removes the need for serial numbers.
Infinity MaraMacros (v1.1) Similar to the M2 version, these are MacsBug macros for cheating in Infinity. Install them (instructions included), and you'll be able to boost shields, weapons/ammo, oxygen... you name it, all without modifying your Marathon app or needing a saved game. Update fixes a small bug that makes it impossible to change the info on the assault rifle. Handy for testing a map you are creating.
Infinity Saved Game Editor Exactly what the title suggests. A editor utility to use with Infinity that allows you to take a saved game and change the parameters. More ammo, more health, etc.
Light Delta (v1.0) A Chisel plugin that allows you to add to the normal light intensity for a given light, without changing that light... vastly reducing the number of lights needed. (The demo map included shows 11 distinct lighting effects... and it uses exactly ONE light.) It only works on walls, and a wall can display only one value of the ambient delta field... but if you're building complicated levels, and have run into lighting limits... check this out.
Lightning (v1.0) This is a little map that shows lightning and thunder timed together to make a storm effect.
M2 Wall Textures PICT files (and Photoshop color tables) for each of the four texturesets in M2. These can be imported easily into an Infinity shapes file (using Anvil), facilitating the use of Forge for building M2 maps.
M2/M00 Clut Modifier (v1.2.2) The M2/M00 Clut Modifier will allow you to extract the palettes from any M2 or M00 Shapes file, and to reinstall them back (after you have modified them). I did this because someone told me that Anvil didn't allow full customization of the palettes. This program has not been fully tested - use at your own risks. New in this version: Corrected a nasty bug that caused an extra color to appear at the end of every clut when editing them in ResEdit. This extra color could sometimes hose a Shapes file when dealing with large cluts. 1.2.2 adds the possibiltiy of not shortening cluts when installing, and corrects PICTs to add transparency.
Map Analyzer (v1.5) Produces an amazing array of info about a map (or a folder full of maps), including all basic stats (polys, floor space, weapons availability, textureset, etc), and some aggregate stats on multiple level maps. It was inspired by MapInfo, but generates much more information. This update is a complete overhaul. There are statistics on new things (including textures, lights, liquids, and sounds), and special value statistics, and the source is completely Loren's (all of Kirill Levchenko's code has been replaced). Source is included.
Map Demerger (1.0.1) Apparently, a tool very similar to the Marathon Map Splitter. I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work as advertised.
Map Exporter (v3.5) Exports Marathon2/Infinity maps in a variety of 3D formats. Useful for porting to other games, or for making cool term art for your solo scenario. Comes with source code, so you can do with it as you see fit. You can see a couple of samples of the output, imported into Bryce: AyeMakMetal.jpg (118K) and WaterlooMarblepark.jpg (200K). Updated with new info-if you already have this file, you can download just the new documentation (227K). This update adds support for the M1 format (including correct handling of texture numbering).
Mara OS About MaraOS. MaraOS, formerly called Marathon Runner, is an application that makes it easier to manage all the different Marathon accessory files (modules) you might have accumulated. The usual way to do this involves a lot of copying, moving, renaming, and forgetting. I wrote MaraOS to make this process somewhat simpler- it moves files to their proper place and renames them, freeing you to organize and name modules as you see fit. By keeping track of names and locations for you, MaraOS allows you to get on with the killing with the minimum of fuss. It does this by searching for modules within a certain folder and presenting a dialog with pop up menus that allow you to more easily select the different modules you want to use. It tracks the following modules: Marathon Preferences, Map, Music, Physics Model, Shapes, Sounds, and different Marathon applications (such as ones whose terminal resources are patched). It then moves modules to their appropriate locations, renames them, and launches the selected Marathon application. Basically, it's a Startup/Extension Manager kind of program, but for Marathon. This is the latest update from the author--it will work with Marathon, Marathon 2 or Marathon Infinity
Marathon Cheater (5.0.2) Allows you to modify saved games to give yourself obscene amounts of health, ammo, oxygen... and it works on everything from Marathon 1 (all versions) through the M2 preview, the M2 demo, the M2 full release, the Infinity Demo, and the full version of Infinity.
Marathon Film Installer (1.0.3) The Marathon Film Installer will allow you to extract, delete or change the films found in any Marathon application (M1, M2 and M00). New in this version: it supports Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge by the MMMG. It also bears a new cool icon, thanks to Sean Patten.
Marathon Film Renamer (v1.2) Allows drag and drop renaming of films, including level and game type. This is very convenient for people that are storing alot of films and have no idea which level they go with. This will allow you to name and keep, hopefully just a little better tract. Handles the M2 bug where the film on the non gathering machine records the wrong map ID. Also works on M1 maps. Update now works with Infinity maps as well, it will let you mix or match M1-2-Infinity
Marathon Map Splitter (1.0.7) "Marathon Map Splitter takes a merged Marathon scenario file as produced by Forge and splits it into individual map, physics, and terminal text files for each level. It also extracts any resources into a "Terminal Picts" file. It is the exact opposite of the "Merge Levels" command in Forge. This lets you do things like peeking at other people's physics models (ever wondered how to make a potatoanus?), fixing the bugs in Blood Tides of Lh'owon, and converting old Pfhorte-generated scenarios." Another must-have for scenario builders! 1.0.1 added the conversion of platform info (yes! you can now go back and forth between Forge and Pfhorte!) and a few other things. 1.0.2 fixes a bug which prevented the editing of some Pfhorte maps, and adds an "N" before network level names. 1.0.3 works around physics file weirdness. 1.0.5 added picture conversion from Win95 maps, and 1.0.6 fixes a bug in previous versions that eliminated notes. 1.0.7 adds support for tag sections.
Marathon Map Viewer (v1.4.1) This is one of the coolest tools to come along in a long time. It does just what the name would suggest... it allows you to view maps. It works a lot like Forge's visual mode... except it has a few extra features. Up and down motion is supported (shades of Pfhorte's viewer), and maps can be viewed fully-textured down to wireframe, with almost anything in between. It requires OpenGL, a 3D-rendering interface which is becoming quite common. OpenGL on a 3dfx card requires full-screen mode, which the Viewer doesn't support, but if you have an ATI Rage Pro or Rage 128 (or, according to Apple, the Rage II), get Apple's version. The viewer handles the full range of Marathons... M1, M2, and Infinity. (A first for M1 maps!) It's really slow on my Powerbook G3 (Rage Pro, but only 2 megs, I think..), but being able to fly through Pfhor Your Eyes Only... wow. Prefs are hardcoded (you can change them with Resedit, but...), but speed is variable, you can turn off the (pretty cool) "walk through walls", and it now does portal rendering, significantly speeding things up, in my experience. Additionally, stretched textures (a la Missed Island) now display correctly.) A must-have! v1.3 adds a text status display, the ability to set starting postion, and improved portal clipping. v1.4 adds the use of z-buffering, a framerate display, and some sorting options... big steps, in actuality. 1.4.1 fixes a small bug in the GL rendering code... pretty minor, but Loren says a bug's a bug.
Marathon Quicktime Recorder (v1.0.1) This utility will allow you to save Marathon 2/Infinity films in Quicktime format. Requirements are a powermac and QT 2.0. Be warned that this will generate some very large files so it is recommended that you use a film editor to cut and paste so that you end up with the best parts
Marathon Shapes Juggler (v1.3) The Marathon Shapes Juggler is the next generation of the Shapes Shuttle. It allows to transfer shapes collections to and from Shapes files, to store them in Shapes suitcases and to create Shuttles for easy installing. It also corrects a couple of bugs in the Shuttle code (notably the optimization bug). New in this version: As Micro$oft would say, this version includes "tens of thousands of bug fixes". Sounds scary? It should, but maybe not for this! :-) Anyway, a must-have version.
Marathon Sound Editor (v1.0b6) This program will allow you to fully customize your M2/M00 sound files. Check out its web page! b5 Update allows in-place editing-you can overwrite the existing file, if you want. (Thanks, Charles!) b6 update reactivates the code to verify class IDs.
Marathon Term Text Decoder A small app that dumps term text to a text file. Quite handy, if you just want the text.
Marathon Universal Patcher (v3.5) Actually modifies your Marathon app to change your starting setup. You can add invincibility, weapons, ammo, health, oxygen... and you can add a save anywhere key (for both PPC and 68K!). Works on all marathon versions through Infinity 1.5. By the author of the various M2 film patchers.
Partial Move (v1.0) A Chisel plugin that allows you to horizontally move everything within a specified rectangle of the map. (If you started building too far towards one edge, you can now pull it back.) This differs from the existing 'Better Move' Chisel effect in that it's not applied to the entire map, it's applied to only a subset (hence the name). Pretty slick.
Permutator (v1.0) This is a Chisel plugin that allows you to set the permutation field of polygons, which specifies what certain poly types do. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
Photoshop CLUT Converter Converts Photoshop color tables to clut resources. Very handy for folks making 8-bit chapter screens.
Physics Converter (1.0) A small drag-n-drop program that provides a simple way to convert between M2 and Infinity physics models.
ResCompare (2.6) After many emails....I have decided to post this gem of a utility. Many have taken the ResCompare route for their shape patches....So here it is. If you need some useful info concerning this program....get it here.
Scalpel (1.0.2) Even better than IZD-this actually excises zero length lines from your map! Fix your maps forever, and obviate the need to run extra software when playing Marathon on a 68K machine.
Sound Shrinker (1.1.2) The sound shrinker can take a sounds file from Marathon 2 or Infinity and delete all its 16-bit sounds. This will reduce it's size by a tremendous amount. A must for those with filled up HD's.This updates corrects a bug that was in 1.1.1
Split Line (v1.0) Building a map, and reailze you need to add another polygon to the side of an already-filled poly? Dang, you have to delete that filled one and rebuild it... WAIT! This Chisel plugin allows you to split that FILLED poly line! Way cool.
Staircaser (v1.0) A Chisel plugin that allows you to auto-create staircases (finally reproducing the Script effect of Phforte 1.x!). Straightforward, simple - it does one thing, it does it right. Check the readme for minor caveats (mostly common-sense stuff).
SwapPolygons (v1.0) A Chisel plugin that lets you swap any pair of polygons - very useful for bringing high-numbered polys down to the beginning, to make them easier to reach in the teleporter menu, for example.
Talk to Trashcans (v1.0) This map shows how to let the player walk up to a wall, press tab, and talk to it.
Texture Mover (vDR1) Again, at the request of David Twist from the MMMG. This util is designed to help port M1 maps to Infinity. It can take all the info about floor/ceiling/wall textures of one map, and copy it into another map. This is mainly useful if you want to nuke'n'pave a map without having to retexture everything. Although I'm not really planning on retouching it unless someone really wants me to, I thought I'd release it to the public.
Texture Switcher (vDR1) The Switcher was made at the request of David Twist from the MMMG. This util is designed to help port M1 maps to Infinity. It can replace every instance of one texture with another, throughout a level. Although I'm not really planning on retouching it unless someone really wants me to, I thought I'd release it to the public.
The Infinity Game Wimp (v1.4) Is a lot like the Marathon Cheater, but with a few differences. It's a bit more flexible (with more info) on stuff like Oxygen, Invincibility, etc (it'll give you approximate durations). It will add fist power-ups. (I don't know what this means... I didn't see any effects when I tried it). It will play your Marathon Music while it's working. (This can be cancelled.) It only works on the Infinity demo, M2 and the M2 Preview and Demo. $5 shareware. Update adds a very cool Full Map feature, and a bunch of 68K-only enhancements (save anywhere, start with extra health/oxygen, etc.)
The Marathon Sound Set (v1.2) Not technically Marathon sounds, but rather a MacOS 8.5 SoundSet. Pretty well done, overall... a few sounds are rough, but so were the originals. This is not acutally a Marathon utility or editor. This is only included here because it is just plain cool to have Marathon sounds playing on your system while you are working on your Marathon scenario!
Two Shapes Utilities
(12oo Shapes Mover &
1-10 Twiddler) (v1.0.1)
Two programs: 12oo Shapes Mover, which moves shapes chunks from M1 shapes files to M2/inf shapes files... and 1-10 Twiddler, which can help with the 1-animated/1-non-animated switching problem. (If you don't know what that is, you probably don't need this.) Very useful tools for scenario builders! v1.0.1 fixes a small bug that kept the Twiddler from recognizing M2 files.
Wail (2.5b1) The successor to the Marathon Sound Editor, Wail vastly increases the fun you can have editing sounds. It can handle files of any length, like files from games that use the Marathon engine and the sound file from the Win95 version of M2. ok, so you're editing fancy stuff, like big sound files? or maybe you want some extra editing capabilities, like creating classes or entire sound files? or maybe you'd like to be able to remap 8-bit sounds in the 16-bit slots like Marathon does? if you answered yes to any of those questions, Wail is for you.

Wail is the future. it is the evolution of the Sound Editor and is designed to be more powerful and more intuitive. not convinced? check it out and see for yourself.

Wail Source Code (2.5b1) This is the SOURCE CODE to Wail.

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