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Marathon 2: Durandal
Editors and Utilities

If you need or know of a Marathon 2: Durandal editor or utility that is not hosted here, then please let me know and I'll find it and host it for you.

Alchemist.b3.sit.hqx A feature rich physics model editor that was the template for Anvil.
Chisel 2.0.1 Chisel is a simple map enhancement utility that works with Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity files. It was created to provide some of the features missing in Pfhorte and Forge.
CLUT Modifier 1.2.3 This program can extract the color tables in the Marathon 2 or Marathon ∞ Shapes file as "CLUT" resources. It can also re-install them back. This allows you to modify them with ResEdit. Written to overcome Anvil's shortcomings in modifying color tables.
Dope 1.2

Object placement editor. Pronounced "Dopey". This program does for Marathon 2: Durandal what the original OPE did for Marathon. Have you played Marathon 2 over the network enough times that you're sick of seeing the same aliens/items repeatedly? This program allows you to change:

  • how many aliens/objects of each type are initially present on a level
  • how many aliens/objects of each type are present during play
  • whether aliens/objects are placed randomly or in specific locations
  • how often aliens/items are replenished
Durandal Terminal Browser 1.4 Does what it says. Read all the terminals in a map. Very cool, and helpful too.
Hex! 1.02 Hex! is a tool for editing terminals in Marathon 2 (and Infinity) map files. Invaluable for some map makers.
Not crash Pfhorte A written guide that was created in order to help the users new to Pfhorte a.14 get started, or to help map makers who have attempted to use Pfhorte but have decided to give up because of crashes.
M2 Network Film Fixer This is a result of quick hack of M2 Network films. Drag and Drop M2 network film(s) onto this application. You can change bottom color and each upper colors in dialog. You can even set ON Live carnage report, if you forgot to set that. Fixed film will appear under name attached "V." in head of original file name. This means "View Patched film of something....".
M2 Network Film Fixer (batch) This is another result of quick hack of M2 Network films. This version is intended for batch process. If you want to fix (I mean let it allow view-switching) many many films, you'll like it.
Marathon 2 Shapes Shuttle v1.0.2 You just saw the Marathon Wall Extractor, and you couldn't wait to download it? Now you're working on these awesome wall textures, and you wish you could put them in an installer like the M1 Shapes Shuttle? Well, that's exactly what this is. Why use it? Well, to prevent people from downloading a 2 Meg M1 Shapes file then install it with MWE - only to find out you only changed three wall textures. Or to simplify the installation process. You get the drift. The package includes three programs: M2 Wall Extractor, Shapes Mover and M2 Shapes Shuttle. All of them are FAT, so they should work fine on both 68K and PPC.
M2 Sound Converter 0.5b This program allows you to convert Marathon 2 Sound files to resource sound files (ie:normal sounds that can be edited and changed with any sound program) and back again. This allows you to use your favorite sound editing program on the existing sounds or record new ones, and then use them with Marathon. It will convert files with type 'snd2' (Marathon 2 format) into normal sounds, and files with type 'rsrc' (resource format) into Marathon 2 sounds.
Map Making Assistant 1.0d3 Apple has been pushing Apple Guide for over a year now. Although the author knew of it, it wasn't until 12/95 that he understood how it's put together and how versatile it is. He decided to create an online Marathon Map Making assistant for those of you that might be able to use an online reference.
MaraMacros1.2 These [MacsBug] macros let rookies have lots of firepower (and soak up lots of damage) while they learn their way around. They also allow more experienced players to try making it through the entire game with only one type of weapon (just keep re-using the macro for the weapon you want any time you run low on ammo for it). For example, try playing the entire game with only the Spnkr!
Marathon 2 Guide Since the Author heard a lot about network play, map creation, shapes, physics model editors etc. he started to browse the Web to find some of this stuff .. had to search for hours and still wasn't able to even scratch the surface. Found the Marathon "1 & 2 Spoiler Guide", editors etc. etc .. but who really wants to spend hours and hours online ? So he decided to create ths guide .. combined it with some kind of a nice graphical interface .. he hates nothing more but being forced to browse through monster text files just to find a hint.
Marathon Cheater 5.0.2 Allows you to edit saved games from Marathon. You can add to your health, give yourself incredible powers and increase your arsenal of weapons. Works with: Marathon (Marathon, Marathon Demo, Marathon II, Marathon II Preview, Marathon II Demo and Marathon Infinity Demo
Marathon Crosshairs Marathon Crosshairs is a program which adds crosshairs to your Marathon 2: Durandal or Marathon Infinity display to help eliminate guesswork while aiming by drawing a small "+" showing you where your shot will go. It works best for playing Bazooka Tag, sniping with a rocket launcher, or trying to hit a switch from far away. The crosshairs can also be used as "training wheels" - eventually you will learn where your shots go and you will be able to shoot accurately without them.
Marathon Film Installer 1.0.2 The Marathon Film Installer will allow you to install, extract and delete films from the Marathon App (i.e., the films you see when the game goes into "demo mode"). It works with both M1 and M2. It is also a FAT binary, so it should work fine on both 68K and PPC.
MWE 0.8b MWE is a Marathon 2 Texture Extractor/Installer. It has two purposes, 1) to extract the four texture sets (Walls 1, Walls 2, Walls 3, and Walls 5) from a Marathon 2 Shapes file and convert them into a Marathon 1 shapes file that can be edited with Pfhred 1.2 (or any other M1 shapes editor), and 2) to install modified texture sets from converted Marathon 1 Shapes files back into an existing Marathon 2 shapes file.
New Pfhorte 2 Menus These are new, more descriptive menu names for Pfhorte2. To use them open ResEdit and paste these in. These are the menu names changed:
  • Alien types--Hummers are Drones, that sort of thing
  • Scenery Types--Scenery names that were confusing I changed
  • Weapon Types--Knife is dimmed and alien shotgun says alien weapon
  • Texture Sets--Names tell what kind of media the set has
  • Landscape Sets--Names tell what kind of landscape it is
  • Sounds--Names better describe what the sound sounds like
Pfhorte 2.0a14 the Mac daddy of 3rd party of map editors. Pfhorte 2.0 is a complete re-write of Phorte1.0dxx.
Pfhorte 2.0 Guide

Frigidman's definitive and all encompassing guide to using Pfhorte. This is the final version of this guide, and it will not ever be updated from this point. This is due to the fact that Bungie is/has released their Map editor, and that Steve Isrealson has discontinued the Pfhorte Project.

Phfilm Phfixer Phfilm Phfixer is a program written to fix a problem with some network films recorded by Marathon 2 : Durandal by Bungie Software. Sometimes when replaying network films you are confined to one player’s viewpoint. Hitting the delete key to change views doesn’t work. The fix is to edit the film file in a hex editor, to put all the players on the same team (i.e. the same color pants). Doing this manually is a pain, and if you don’t have a hex editor or don’t know which bytes to modify, is impossible.
Physics Converter Physics Converter is a drag-and-drop application that converts between Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity physics models. If you drag in a M2 physics model, it is converted to an Mi physics model, if you drag in an Mi physics model, it is converted to an M2 physics model.
Saved Games Editor Just what it says. Edit your saved game files to add health, O2, ammo and weapons.
Scalpel1.02 Scalpel painlessly excises zero-length lines from Pfhorte-generated maps.
Shapes Juggler 1.0.2 This extracts Shapes collections from a Shapes file, and put them into another Shapes file, into a Shapes Suitcase (file designed to store collections) or into a Shuttle (program that can auto-reinstall them). This is the perfect program for distributing your edited shapes over the internet.
Sound Shrinker 1.0 This program is a quick and efficient way of reducing the hard disk space that M2 or Infinity eats up. It can take the 16-bits sounds out of a Sounds file. This will reduce the file's size by a tremendous amount. If you don't use 16-bit sounds, why let them have that 10 mb? [Editor's Note: perfect for playing Marathon on your iPod! - tBC]
SyncFilm 1.0 SyncFilm is a quick drag-and-drop utility for fixing Marathon 2 films so that they will play with the correct map. If you have some films you would like played back over a certain map, drag those films and the map into SyncFilm. Marathon will now replay your films with your map.
Term Installer 2.1 Term Installer 2.1 is a whole new version of Term Installer-a simple installer that installs 'term' resources and removes them after the user is done. Term Installer 2.1 does that and more, installing and removing virtually every resource that Marathon uses.

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