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Marathon owns you!

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Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!
Marathon owns you!

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Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well, then I blew him up.

Alas Poor Yorick, I knew him well...
then I blew him up.

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  • What it is:

    Marathon is a first person shooter computer game made by Bungie Software Incorporated, now Bungie Studios. There are 3 games in all, the original "Marathon", "Marathon 2: Durandal" and "Marathon Infinity". All the game files on this website are for Marathon Infinity and you need to download a copy of Marathon Infinity to use any other files available here. Click on the Trilogy Download link on the left for your copy. Marathon is one of the very first (and the few) games on the market to have a story woven into the fabric of the game, you not only play the game, you live the story.

  • What you need:

    You need to have the full game of Marathon Infinity to use the game files here, this includes every version of Hell Hole, the World Tour NetPak and D-Day. Bungie Studios has released the Marathon Trilogy as copywrite protected freeware! To get your copy of Marathon Infinity go to the Marathon Trilogy Download page and click on the Infinity link. While you are at it, I recommend you download "Forge" and "Anvil", the editing programs I used to create the game files found here. Make something of your own!

  • Marathon:

    You are the security officer aboard the interstellar colony ship, the UESC Marathon. Your ship has been boarded by alien slavers called the Pfhor and it is up to you to save the day. Dark and moody, it is a classic. Appearing in the days of Doom, this game was a jaw dropper. The bar was raised so high with story and action that even today Marathon is alive and well in the face of such competition as Quake III and Unreal Tournament.

  • Marathon 2: Durandal:

    You have been kidnapped by the rogue artificial intelligence who was jerking you around in the first game and taken to the home planet of one of the enslaved alien races called the S'pht. You mission is to find a weapon that will once and for all rid the galaxy of the Pfhor menace. The best of the lot. A hoot to play with extremely well designed/smooth flowing maps. The well thought out story gives you purpose, "depth of universe" and meaning in your life as the displaced UESC Marathon security officer. Also very very cool are the dual shotguns. Devastating at close range. Perfect for crowd control at your kids birthday party or for that reluctant groom at your daughters wedding.

  • Marathon Infinity:

    Who knows. The story has you all over the place and scatter gunned through time. It is this authors opinion that they created a bunch of well built levels and just tried to glue it all together with a story that was contorted to fit the levels. Fabulous map making anyway. Not nearly as fun to play or as well flowing as Marathon 2. The best things about Infinity are that Bungie released the map making tools, added a weapon that would shoot underwater and allowed different physics models to be embedded into each level. The gaming community has taken this ball and ran with it. I am only one small voice in a huge online chorus singing the praises of Marathon and creating maps and files for other enthusiasts to enjoy.

  • The Marathon files on this web site:

    I have created the Marathon maps and films (unless otherwise noted) you will find on this site. Much of the Marathon related graphics are my own too. You cannot run any of these maps in Marathon 1 or 2. You must have a copy of Marathon Infinity in order to use any of the game files on this site. As mentioned above, The Marathon Trilogy is copywrite protected freeware and you can get it here. For Marathon files created by other people there is a pretty good online archive at The most complete archive was at but that is now gone to us until somebody else picks up the torch . Feel free to send me any films related to my maps and I'm sure I will find a place for them. Of special interest are films for the Weird Science, X-crement files and D-Day level 7 Vids.

  • Almost Lastly:

    You need a Macintosh for most of this stuff. Windows PC users can only play Marathon 2 and SDL files. If you have a PC you cannot play the maps at this site without running them through Portmaster. Portmaster only runs on a Mac so you need to get a Mac friend to convert it for you but he will have to remove the non Marathon 2 items from the map with the editors Forge and Anvil. Sorry. Get Marathon 2 for the PC anyway, In my opinion Marathon 2 is the best of the 3 releases. "Marathon 2: Durandal" regularly appears on For those of you who want to make their own Marathon maps for Windows, you are in luck. There is now a section at the Litterbox that will help you create your own maps. That plus more help with Windows Marathon in the Obed Tips section. Look in the links on the left of this page for Obed Tips.

  • Lh'owon Links:

    What the heck is a Marathon page without links to the other must visit Marathon sites out there. After 4 years, it's about time I got my yit together and offered some important Marathon links:

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Dedicated Marathon Forums
Story Fory | Orbital Arm Forums | Forums | Fileball Forums (RIP) | The Pfhorums
If I've left any Marathon forums out, email me and I'll add them!

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Please be advised that if you down loaded Hell Hole V1.5 from this web site before 11/06/2000, you have the WRONG version. The correct version should include the "Bastard Child" map and the readme should have the "How to look Marathon Cool and Combat Fresh" fashion tips. You cannot view any Hell Hole V1.5 films on this website unless you redownload the correct version now available here on the Hell Hole V1.5 page.

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